All of our courses are privately booked at a time and location convenient to you. Don't be another face in the crowd. Schedule a class designed and focused around you. 

Concealed Carry

This full spectrum private course teaches not only the laws and regulations of carrying a concealed firearm, but the skills, mindset, and responsibility necessary in doing so. This decision should not be taken lightly, and we'll explain the gravity behind carrying in your life. 

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Pistol Work

This private course is custom tailored around the individual shooter's skill level; Whether that's someone brand new starting with the fundamentals of pistols, or an experienced shooter interested in more advanced drills and a tactical mindset.

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Long Range Precision

Taught by U.S. Army Sniper, learn the ins and outs of placing a precision round on target at extreme distances. This extensive course covers everything that will effect the flight of a round before and after you pull the trigger; From the body mechanics and discipline necessary to break a shot, to understanding the affect the environment itself plays on the round. 

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