In this full spectrum concealed carry course students will learn not only the laws governing Colorado concealed carry, but the skills, mindset, and responsibility necessary to be safe and effective. The course will cover pistol basics and fundamentals, real life scenarios, and hands on manipulation of some of the most popular carry pistols on the market today. 

At Take Point, concealed carry is my passion. I understand that every person I instruct could at some point have their own or someone else's life in their hands. The skill set required by these situations should never be taught to 40+ class sizes through a slide by slide cut-and-paste curriculum. I want to be able to focus on each student in my course individually to ensure maximum knowledge retention. For this reason I try to keep class sizes under 10 people and I'm currently the only instructor in Denver offering a one-on-one class. In an effort to keep the course private, personal, and convenient, I come to you. Schedule the classroom portion at a time and date that works best for you, in your own home.  Leave the rest to me. If you would prefer to learn outside of your own home, a private classroom can be reserved in Englewood, CO as well. Expect the class to take three hours, though I will always stay as late as it takes to ensure every question and scenario have been answered. Pricing starts at $200 for a one-on-one class and $100 for each additional student.  

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